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Synchronization & Backup

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SwitchData Secure Sharing


SwitchData On-Premise


Integrate SwitchData in your network and enable SwitchData features such as secure folder and file share, sync, backup and collaboration. Setup your own on-premise private cloud solution with enterprise-class features!

SwitchData Secure Cloud


The SwitchData European Secure Cloud consists of decentralized independent and private SwitchData Secure Clouds managed by highly qualified SwitchData representatives.Rather than using a central point of storage as other file sync providers, SwitchData decentralizes storage and operations, which optimizes security and privacy!

Online Backup


SwitchData can be used to create an automatic and real-time computer backup and server backup. Depending on your needs, an online backup can be made or an on-premise backup, for small servers and large servers!